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Zafea & Ubios Showcased Twice On Radio-Canada

Zafea & Ubios showcased twice on Radio-Canada

We have had the chance over the last few days to be showcased twice on the airwaves of Radio-Canada.  Once on the radio during La Sphère, the digital culture weekly show, as well as on national television, during the late-night news!

First, our CEO Mathieu Lachaîne was Matthieu Dugal’s guest in the studio of La Sphère  It has been the occasion for Mathieu Lachaîne to talk about his vision of the connected house, but also to adress the security issue that always get brought up whenever the smart houses is on-topic. What is clear at this point is that Mathieu’s background and expertise in IT security is quite an asset to give confidence to customers, investors as well as regulators.  Catch Mathieu Lachaîne’s interview on La Sphère (in French).

Then, yesterday, the same Matthieu Dugal went on national television talk about connected houses.  The  pretext was the Messe Berlin exposition where most majors companies are showcasing their products :   Google with his Nest as well as Samsung.  But for the first time on national television, Zafea’s product was mentioned.  Once again, security issues were discussed, which again highlighs our competitive edge. Watch the Téléjournal segment  (at the 34:00 mark – in French).

Those 2 media mentions are a source of motivation for the team as it shows that there is clearly room for our idea in Quebec and abroad!

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