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Ubios launches the 1st Public Equity Crowdfunding in North America – Ubios
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Ubios launches the 1st Public Equity Crowdfunding in North America

On January 24th, I Invest for the future! 

As announced during the final presentation of the InnoCité program, Ubios proceeds with its Public Equity crowdfunding campaign.  Following the publication in spring 2015 of the multilateral notice 45-316 regarding the new rules adopted by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), the social investors of Quebec will therefore be invited for a first real campaign of the sort.  Ubios believes it can carry out this operation, which aims to finance part of the development of its innovative smart home solutions against water damage,  and gather $100,000 in 60 days.  All the details will be available on the Quebec portal from January 24th at 6pm.

Founded in July 2014, Ubios develops a range of products intended for the smart home of the future.  The enterprise has quickly made prevention of water damage its top priority, as well as the smart management of heating.  Our smart water valve has become the answer to one of the most urgent needs of Quebec’s home and damage insurance industries.  With $500M per year of insurance claims related to water damages, it is indeed a true plague with consequences on the health, moral and finances of households around the country.  Ubios is the first solution that prevents both the occurrence and impact of water damages.  A solution welcomed by the insurers and real estate owners.

“My team and I are very proud to offer Quebecers a unique chance to invest with a concrete solution to water damages.”

— Mathieu Lachaîne, CEO and founder of Ubios

In compliance with the rules of the AMF, the details of our investment offer will only be available on the GoTroo platform from January 24th.  Our minimum objective is $100,000.  This objective can be exceeded up to $250,000 with investments of up to $1,500 per individual or enterprise.  Places are therefore limited for this first campaign.  Users who wish to invest in Ubios can already create an account on the social financing portal.  The social investors from Quebec will benefit from similar conditions to those obtained by the cofounders and private and institutional investors already committed to the Ubios capital, such as Quebecor.  This invitation to popular investment by Ubios aims to democratize investments by offering Quebecers an unprecedented opportunity to invest in a company before its initial public offering in stock exchange.  For Ubios, this will allow to diversify our capital sources and to create a community around our project.

Public Equity Crowdfunding is a new phenomena in Quebec and Canada and we believe this first project will be a success in Quebec thanks to the local social investors.  For Ubios, this is a great motivation.  To accompany people in their investment journey, we will support the educational efforts of the AMF and GoTroo by producing information contents about this new form of investment.  Quebec has clearly adopted the classical social financing offered by the various Kickstarter, Ulule and Haricot; we are convinced that the entrepreneurial spirit of Quebecers will adopt Public Equity Crowdfunding in order to give a new means to their entrepreneurial wishes.



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