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Our solution to water damage and water leaks in condos!

The best way to avoid water damage is to shut off the water at the source. Easier said than done, and above all, not practical at all, given that the main water shutoff valve is often poorly located and sometimes hard to reach. Yet this is what your insurance company recommends when you leave the house. Here’s what Ubios proposes: imagine a smart water shutoff valve that shuts off water in your absence and turns it on again upon your return, preventing up to 80% of leaks in your coownership building!

Furthermore, as soon as an abnormal leak is detected, your main water shutoff valve is turned off and you are immediately notified.  Finally, a network of strategically-placed sensors detects leaks and water infiltration otherwise difficult to notice.  No more nightmarish visions waiting for you at home upon your return.  Ubios prevents up to 80% of water damage risks; the first ever solution to prevent both their occurrence and their impact.  To do so, we have developed a smart wall unit that replaces your electric baseboard thermostat or light switch. This wall unit can detect human presence but can also control the heating as well as the alarm system. Your home becomes a real smart ecosystem. No need for major house repairs; our system is easy to install in existing buildings.
Each element of the Ubios solution works on the existing electricity grid, thus eliminating the need for tedious and polluting battery replacement. In the case of power failure, our systems are equipped with auto rechargeable batteries to ensure 24/7 protection.


But this is not all.
In addition to reducing the risks and providing you with better control, Ubios also offers a substantial way of saving money. First, you can save up to 25% on heating costs with our smart and automated thermostat control system.
But you can also save up to 25% on insurance premiums, which is by far the best rebate by the industry’s standards for water damage prevention devices.
No more insurance premiums rise.25% energy and insurance savings.

Now THAT’s some good news for your wallet. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind, comfort and safety at a lower monthly cost than the savings Ubios allow you to achieve.


Want to know more about our solution to water damage and water leaks in condos?  Request your quote now!

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