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Our plan to make water damage history




This will allow us to achieve sales in dozens of residences at once, which will translate into several hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenues. In 2016, we will also develop our products and solutions in order to conduct a public launch in 2017 and make our offer available to all types of housing.

Ubios is a solution provided as a monthly service.  3 levels of service are offered. Since water damage do not make a distinction between the people they affect, Ubios must be accessible to all budgets.  Ubios customers get upgradable and extensible cutting-edge technology. Not a gadget that will become obsolete in 2 years.

Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind, comfort and safety, at a lower monthly cost than the savings Ubios allows you to achieve.

L'équipe d'Ubios

With members cumulating at least 15 years of extensive entrepreneurial experience, and with 8 patents under our belts, Ubios is ready to make it big.

Our chief engineer has designed the first electronic thermostats for electric baseboards, and has worked over 11 years at Honeywell.

Ubios' partners

In September 2015, we announced a partnership with a renowned investor: Quebecor. The multi-billion company will thus  make its first investment ever in a start-up with Ubios.

During the past few months, more than 15 property owners and partners, representing over 30 000 housing units, have manifested – written and signed – their intention of purchasing our solution.

Our project is stronger because they are on our team:

  • Sysacom
  • Yulex
  • Bite Size – The agency that made our branding
  • Banque de développement du Canada BDC – Banking partner
  • InnoCité Mtl :  smart city startup accelerator
  • Défi Mtl 



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