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Involvement And Recognition In Our Community

Involvement and recognition in our community

Zafea’s development is going very well.  Since we had this idea to adapt the smart thermostats to the Quebec’s electric baseboards and radiators, we are gaining more and more traction.  More and more, our peers and the community here recognize us in Québec.  We also have started to be active in Montréal’s smart community.

This is the case of the electrical industry in Québec.  Zafea is now a full-fledged member of the AIEQ, the association that gathers every key player in the industry (consulting engineering, electricity producers, manufacturers, etc.).  Our status as a service and hardware provider makes it a great achievement to be part of this association.  Our mission is in complete synch with most of theirs:  Energy efficiency and Fight against climate change are common grounds we share with the association.

We are now also recognized by the business community in Québec.  Indeed, Zafea is now member of the Jeune chambre de commerce de Montréal, the association of entrepreneurs and executives under 40 in Montréal.  The association, created in 1931, puts engagement, innovation, leadership and excellence as it’s core values.  Those 4 pillars are the same put forward by Zafea.

Finally, Zafea decided to get involved in the smart city movement in Montreal by acting as a sponsor and active participant in the first edition of #SmartMtl,  a gathering of people interested in the  development of a more connected city under the theme :  Startups for a smarter Montreal. This was our first involvement and most likely not the last.  You can read the full report of the firsrt #smartmtl event here, thanks to the fine people at cllbr.  

We are excited by these new developments in our network and by the great reception our projetc is getting.  We are thankful and want to take an active role in the community!  And this is just a beginning.

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