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New support from BDC for an initial financial package of more than $1M

Building on the success of its #InvestUbios crowd investment campaign, which has already attracted 150 socio-investors and capital of more than $135,000, the team received additional support from the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). This new monetary inflow by the bank dedicated to entrepreneurs brings Ubios’ start-up financing to more than one million dollars in capital and loans.

Mathieu Mehdijpg

With $100,000 in financial support for Ubios’ working capital, BDC’s second assistance is based on the advancement of our development and our innovative business model. This support comes in addition to a first $125,000 loan to finance the production of our first contract and our subscription-based business model.

Our team would like to thank Mr. Mehdi Bakhty, Senior Director, Technology Group, for his work and support for our success. The BDC is a first-class financial partner for Ubios. Their support allows us to ensure our growth and develop the best solution for preventing water leaks and water damage and providing condo owners with peace of mind!

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