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Yes, one can safely say that Ubios the 1st real campaign of its kind in North America.

Already present in Europe and Australia, Public Equity crowdfunding is a new form of investment in Canada. While there are, to date, two projects through the Canadianplatform FrontFunder, one of these initiatives, however, was meant for qualified investors, since the minimum investment was $ 5,000 (which exceed the limit allowed by the AMF). The second project, aimed to raise $ 25,000 without grassroots campaign, a quarter of our minimum goal of $ 100,000.

In the US, the first projects eligible for crowdfunding capital under the JOBS Act will not be launched until January 29.  A Quebec-born company, Dubuc Motors, will launch a campaign mixing the Public Equity Crowdfunding and Equity Crowdfunding.

“Public Equity Crowdfunding” or “Equity crowfunding”?

Be careful not to confuse Public Equity Crowdfunding, which is a popular financing (thus open to all), and Equity crowdfunding. This latter is a form of capital sociofinancement taking place on an online investment platform, but whose access is reserved to accredited investors  Platforms of this type proliferate and generate a lot of confusion, even among people in the community. By investing in Ubios as of January 24, so you will become true pioneers of the Public Equity crowdfunding.

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