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6 Reasons why Ubios is a Green Tech

Preventing leaks and water damage or optimizing energy consumption are more than sales pitches for Ubios. This is our real “raison d’être”! For us, Earth Day is not only a one-day event on April 22nd. While we developed our solution with the needs of condominium boards in mind, we always had the decrease of our overall environmental impact at heart.

Here are 6 reasons why Ubios is a real green-tech!

1 – Water savings

Did you know that Québec is one of the largest water wasters in the world with nearly 400 liters of water consumed per capita per day? Since we live in a region where fresh water occupies almost 10% of the territory, representing 3% of the renewable fresh water on the planet, scarcity seems far from us. Yet, every drop counts. According to the Government of Québec, a 20% reduction in total water consumption could represent savings of nearly two billion in 20 years in Québec alone! With a leak prevention and detection solution, you will be able to reduce the amount of leakage that can generate hundreds of liters of wasted water every year. If water-saving tips and tricks are a good idea, imagine if your condominium building decreased water waste all by itself?

2 – More sustainable housing

It goes without saying that a dwelling without leaks or water damage will be a more sustainable dwelling. But decreasing the risk of leakage also means less damage to your home that can affect its durability, not to mention avoiding costly repairs. With an average cost per claim for water damage in a condo of 14000$, consider all the furniture, appliances, building materials, and clothing that will not get dumped in a landfill but will rather serve their purpose for an optimized lifetime!

3 – Healthier homes

By detecting water leaks and preventing water damage, Ubios gives its customers healthier homes. One of the biggest and most insidious impacts of undetected leaks is mold that develops without the knowledge of the inhabitants. Indeed, mold can grow really quickly:  24 to 48 hours after the beginning of a water leak, fungi start to develop. By preventing leaks and water damage, you also avoid serious health risks for your family!

4 – Saving energy

The starting point for Ubios was a smart thermostat with 25% energy savings. But, as in the case of water savings, Québecers are lucky enough to benefit from abundant hydroelectricity, which keeps energy costs low compared to the European or American average. In cities such as San Francisco, New York or Boston, the average price per kwh for residential customers in 2016 was around $30 compared to $7.23 in Montreal. A potential savings ranging from 25% to 50% does not therefore have the same significance depending on your geographical situation. But with optimal energy consumption, choosing Ubios is a green choice with serious financial side-benefits!

5 – A local product

In a sector dominated by gadgets with a limited lifetime and where poor product quality can have disastrous consequences, Ubios had in mind an overriding target: to develop a technology and products that were efficient but above all durable. Our association with Synapse Electronique for the production of our smart wall units ensures exceptional quality. That is why we guarantee our products for the duration of the contract that we sign with our customers. Our solution gives them lasting peace of mind, protected from planned obsolescence, especially with updates included in the service plan.

6 – A product made to last

Ubios’ philosophy is also about reducing the short and long term environmental impact of its products. First, the electronics is designed to have a lifespan of 15 years, and our valve is designed to operate 500,000 times. At 50 opening/closing cycles daily, it should last up to 28 years before requiring replacement. Also, during the installation we recover the old equipment and ensure full recycling, thus contributing to circular economy along the way!

Want to give your dwelling a real green touch?  Learn more about our autonomous smart building solution that prevents water damage and water leaks.   Share this with your condo board today, to get your quote.

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