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Ubios brings peace of mind to condo owners, real estate managers and their insurers.  We prevent up to 80% of water damage caused by leaks in condo buildings.  


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Using IoT, motion detection and analytics in the cloud, we deploy a unique smart building.  You get a more secure home, peace of mind while saving on energy and insurance. Talk to your condo association about how UBIOS can help YOU now!

Got a water damage problem?  UBIOS can help!

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How does UBIOS works?

Our Smart Wall Unit replaces conventional thermostats and light switches. It detects when you move around your home to adjust rooms temperature. When you leave, the smart water valve shuts down, preventing 80% of water damage, opening back upon your return!  Ubios is the 1st water damage prevention solution to reduce both their impact and their occurrence.

Ubios is the smart home that gives back real value:  savings on your insurance, savings on your energy bills and real peace of mind!

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